Sunday, March 17, 2013

3 Years

This afternoon I'm just having my beautiful Sunday, then I'm checking blog, and I found some pictures in Dhifa's blog, the picture remind me about how my junior high school is. The picture taken after last day of UN.

Ow... ow... ow... you know, old friend, not exactly old, we're still young but become older. It's almost 2 years, we never meet each other completely, they said we must be solid, we must not forget each other, we must not conceited to each other, it's just what they said. I realize, sometime I was not there when you're having reunion, it doesn't mean if I'm forgetting my old friends. But thanks for 3 years, that will be one of the best time in my life :)

1 comment:

    miss you like a LOT. makanya kalo main dateng doooong!!