Thursday, August 1, 2013

City Tour : Kota Tua, Jakarta

(These bikes called ontel was the favorite transportation in that time)

I've lived in Jakarta since I was born, but don't know why 'till now, I never look inside of Monas, even any museum in Jakarta. Last time I'm roaming around the museum is when I was 5th grade. Unfortunately, because I was a kid, I didn't really understand about what people were talking about. Well, the only thing in my memory wis a big untidy room with the tour guide, my teacher, and my friends.

Beside on that case, I have an idea to have a city tour, but this time the city is Jakarta, as the host and as the visitor.

Learn about a new place is good, but how come if you learn about new place but you don’t know about your own place? When I stayed in Bali for 3 days, I asked my driver about the place which well known by people. He said “To be honest, sometimes we (Balinese) are known less about our own island, but the ‘bule’ (foreigner) are known better sometimes”. Oh God, how come when Indonesian proud with Bali but ‘bule’ are known Bali batter then us.

Eventually, I make a special list in my holiday. Discover about my own city, Jakarta. And, today was the date.

I woke up early in the morning, yeah honestly it’s already 7 o’clock, and I miss the sahur time. My mom drives me to the nearest Trans Jakarta stop. I used Trans Jakarta because I don’t have car, even a motorcycle.

At 10 a.m. I arrived at Kota Tua (old town), this place is my first inspiration to have a city tour. The sun was really burning me off, I was fasting, and I hadn’t have sahur. If I’m not mistake, there are 5 museums inside the Kota Tua, in my perspective, Kota Tua means an area with old building. Back to the museum topic, I visited all of the museum which I known, and none of them were busy with visitor.

(This is Fatahilla Museum, I took this picture when I arrived there)

(I took this picture from Fine Art And Ceramics Museum)

First, I came to Fatahilla Museum (museum of Jakarta), and only few people there. I really scared, can you imagine, in that time, this building was a place for prisoners to be killed.

(There's no other visitor in front of me)

(In holiday time, that place crowded with people ride ontel)

(The Jakarta's Hermes)

Second, I came to Wayang Museum. It’s not really impressive for me, I don’t like a human doll, and fyi wayang are ghost in Javanese story. I only found 1 visitor in here.

(Called Hanoman, white monkey)

(I think this wayang is the most unique)

Third, I came to Fine Art And Ceramics Museum. I love this place, not because I love paint, but there is a soft big chair with air-conditioner.

(I can't give much comment, but I love this angle)

Fourth, I came to Bank of Indonesia Museum. It’s not in my plan to came in here, but when I walked to Trans Jakarta stop, I saw a huge classic building with really nice condition. I came to inside, and I though it’s an office. But someone just gave me a ticket for free. I follow the way, and I found nothing. I found a theater with no audient and no film. I though there’s nothing inside, I’m out. Accidently, some of staff told me about the right way. I followed what he said, and I in inside. This place’s much more creepy then Fatahilla, but the tour was really nice, the facility, the object.

(Free ticket)

("my ancestors a sailor" is not an empty slogan)

(What will you do if you're alone, with dolls like this)

(Architect, oh architect)

Last, I came to Mandiri Bank Museum. It didn’t make me impressive, seriously, I directly finding the exit.

(The model is unknown)

After that, I went to a book store just for kill the time, but I bought 8 books. Consumptive.

I finished my ‘shopping’ at 2 p.m., and direct go to Istiqllal mosque, such a huge mosque, it’s the biggest mosque in Jakarta. I pray and read quran until 4 p.m..

(I saw many people miss function this place, they're sleeping in here, and I wonder how does it feel *kidding)

I’ve arranged to have a break fasting in here, but I changed it. I went home, and got stuck with the traffic. I had a break fasting in the Trans Jakarta, poor guy and damn, really damn.

If people read about this, they will not impressive with my journey. It’s nothing. But, it makes you know about your city more clearly. Like, we have to be ashamed, because the most visitor in Kota Tua were ‘bule’ (foreigner), and there are poor people near Istiqllal mosque, I really don’t like them, you know, they are not fasting in Ramadhan, so why rich people are trying to make a situation like they can’t eat, can't drink, like poor people, while poor people are enjoying their food. A few of them are able to find better job, because being a beggar is not an occupation. If ‘a few of them’ are finding a better job, they can help their friends, family, son, daughter, wife, husband, to find a better job, and beggar will not be hereditary jobs.

(I've spend less than 5$ in this trip, not include the food and book, good number, right?)


  1. keren tang,tapi sedikit forever alone... hahaha

  2. Infonya sangat bagus & Menarik serta Menginspirasi .

    Sukses selalu

  3. interesting skali! aku juga lagi kepengen ngiterin jakarta padahal udh tinggal lama tapi ga pernah ke tempat2 begini! nice post!